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Our experience over all these years has turned us into your BEST OPTION for planning your trip in this region. We know EVERY tour perfectly. We have intervened in the creation and carrying out of many of them. We are under permanent training to enhance our customer service provided to our guests and we are constantly looking for new alternative tours, walks and the best routes, trips and unique places only known by pioneers and experts who know the region.

We are part of this wonderful region (NORTHWESTERN SANTA CRUZ and Argentine/Chilean PATAGONIA NATIONAL PARK) and we invite you to know it, enjoy it, live it and love it with us.



Cave of hands / Land of colors Tour

Cave of Hands / Land of Colors - Millennial Rock Art - UNESCO World Heritage Site 1999

With this FULL-DAY tour, we propose to visit one of the most important archaeological places in South America and the world. It has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1999. In this place, there is a wide range of cave paintings of more than 9,300 years of age, which can be easily appreciated due to their excellent preservation conditions.

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Marble cathedrals and chapels (Chile) Tour

Chilean National Monument 1994 - Marble Caverns on General Carreras Lake

We depart from Perito Moreno or Los Antiguos and take a road on the shores of the second-biggest lake of South America (General Carrera / Buenos Aires Lake). Sights from this road are really incredible. This sinuous and ledge trail takes us towards the Southern Highway and after 4 hours on trip, we arrive at Puerto Río Tranquilo, where we take a boat trip to visit a Chilean Patagonia Nature Sanctuary.

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Alero Charcamata Tour

National Historical Monument. Millenary Cave Art and 100% Nature

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Posadas and Pueyrredón lakes / Route 41 / El Suyai

Posadas and Pueyrredón Lakes – Scenic Route 41- Lunch in Estancia El Suyaí

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Mount Zeballos - Los Antiguos

Route 41 / Mount Zeballos Road / Los Antiguos

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