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Alero Charcamata

National Historical Monument. Millenary Cave Art and 100% Nature

It has been declared National Historical Monument because of its beauty and its wide range of cave paintings of around 7,000 of age. This tour compels us to leave any worries behind and travel through time to enter little by little into countryside life since we constantly go through Patagonian steppe and desolate roads, where guanacos are the main characters of the wonderful landscape. With this tour, passengers can know countryside life in situ, by experiencing the history and present time of the livestock in the region. The natural framework of the region, the canyons, the fact of wading across Pinturas River, the landscape and the intact and far from civilization cave art make it impossible not to travel through time.

For lovers of virgin nature, this is a private tour exclusively done by us. We are the only travel agency authorized to do this tour.

The passage by Portal Cañadón Pinturas (Pinturas River Canyon) and its surroundings make passengers travel from the past to the present and the future of the entire region through this experience, including the creation of Patagonia National Park.

Curious Datum: An ALERO is kind of a “natural cave” with big dimensions; a “ceiling” eroded by water and air, which undermine the rock year by year. CHARCAMATA is 40-meters-tall, more than 20-meters-deep and has an 80-meters-wide entrance; inside, there are hundreds of hands, guanacos, pumas, Darwin’s rheas and geometric shapes painted on the walls by our ancestors thousands of years ago.


Period of the year in which the tour applies: from October to April.
Departure time and duration: from 09:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. (total duration: 9 hours).
Difficulty: Middle / Low. Walk of 2 km when going and 2 km when returning. There are no steep slopes.
The tour includes: round-trip transport, local tour guide, many stops to take photographs, lunch box, coffee, tea, mate, charges and taxes.
It tour includes: other meals.
Recommendations: take sunblock, a cap, warm clothes, a bottle of water and comfortable trainers to walk through rocks.
Bear in mind: in this place, there is not signal for cellphones or wi-fi and there are not public restrooms; therefore, it is a real travel to the past.

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