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Marble cathedrals and chapels (Chile)

Chilean National Monument 1994 - Marble Caverns on General Carreras Lake

We depart from Perito Moreno or Los Antiguos and take a road on the shores of the second-biggest lake of South America (General Carrera / Buenos Aires Lake). Sights from this road are really incredible. This sinuous and ledge trail takes us towards the Southern Highway and after 4 hours on trip, we arrive at Puerto Río Tranquilo, where we take a boat trip to visit a Chilean Patagonia Nature Sanctuary. In this place, there are amazing calcium carbonate formations on the lake which were sculpted by water and the passing of years and got striking forms similar to those of religious constructions made by humans.

The size of the boats allows us to sail through the lake and around these formations and even to enter into several of these marble caves. We do this round-trip tour in a single day but we recommend passengers to take the package tour for 2 days and 1 night so as to enjoy this wonder and the entire tour without any hurry. This place deserves detailed appreciation and admiration and you deserve enjoying this with calm.


Period of the year in which the tour applies: from October to April.
Departure time and duration: from 07:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m. (total duration: 13 hours).
Difficulty: Low. Tour by vehicle most of the trip.
The tour includes: round-trip transport, local tour guide, many stops to take photographs, lunch box, coffee, tea, mate, charges and taxes.
It tour includes: other meals.
Recommendations: take sunblock, a cap, warm clothes, a rain jacket and a bottle of water.
Bear in mind: it is possible that passengers get wet during the boat trip, therefore we recommend to take a change of clothes.

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