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Mount Zeballos - Los Antiguos

Route 41 / Mount Zeballos Road / Los Antiguos

This tour takes us from 400 m up to 1,500 m above sea level while we enjoy the transition from the Patagonian steppe to High Mountain landscape when we arrive at Portezuelo.

Along the trip, we can see a wide range of birds, such as great bustards, ducks, black-chested buzzard-eagles, condors, among others. Lagoons, streams, rivers and multiform and multicolor mountains are the permanent and dominant landscapes throughout the tour.

We return to Los Antiguos to have lunch and go all over this beautiful touristic town on the shores of the second-biggest lake in South America, Buenos Aires Lake. We visit many farms where berries are produced and, depending on the season of the year, we can please our palates with cherries, strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants and more fruits picked by you. It is a real pleasure!! The visit to the farm “Estancia La Ascensión” inside PATAGONIA NATIONAL PARK is the grand finale of the tour.


Period of the year in which the tour applies: from October to April.
Departure time and duration: from 07:30 a.m. to 07:30 p.m. (total duration: 12 hours).
Difficulty: Low. Tour done by 4x4 vehicles or minibus.
The tour includes: round-trip transport, local tour guide, many stops to take photographs, coffee, tea, mate, charges and taxes.
It tour includes: lunch and other meals.
Recommendations: take sunblock, a cap, warm clothes and a bottle of water.
Bear in mind: in this place, there is not signal for cellphones in any part of the trip and during several hours, there are no public restrooms.

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