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Excursions in Santa Cruz

The beauties of the province of Santa Cruz, Patagonia Argentina

The province of Santa Cruz is located in Patagonia, in southern Argentina, with an absolute contrast between mountains, ancient glaciers, cliffs, lush forests, lakes, rivers and endless Patagonian steppes. It is an amazing destination in every corner.

Santa Cruz is discovered in its tourist beauties, discovering beautiful landscapes full of history, culture, adrenaline and much more.

Among the main attractions is the Perito Moreno Glacier, located near the city of El Calafate. It is a block of white and blue ice that moves and attracts countless visitors every year.

The rooms of the province offer a wide variety of rural proposals, where you can learn from everyday tasks, enjoy the festivities and typical meals, in direct contact with nature, customs, among other activities.

El Chaltén is located a few kilometers from the mythical Fitz Roy hill and within the Los Glaciares National Park, also known as the National Trekking Capital. From the city there are countless trails for trekking lovers, with varied complexity and duration.

In Los Antiguos you can do sport fishing on Lake Buenos Aires and visit many places. It is the Capital of the Cherry.

The Valdelen Ski Center allows you to enjoy snow and skiing.

Another attraction is the 9000-year-old cave paintings found in the Cave of the Hands, the petrified forests and the sighting of native fauna.

Some images that reflect the beauty of the province of Santa Cruz.

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