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Patagonia National Park

Patagonia National Park 7 days / 6 nights – Everythings included: transport, accommodation, meals and tours.

This is the best way of going all over the attractions located in the Northwestern Region of Santa Cruz province and south Chile. Most of these attractions are inaccessible by regular transport. Over the 7 days of our entire trip by minibus, we have the good fortune to visit the PETRIFIED FOREST NATURAL MONUMENT near Sarmiento (Chubut), the CAVE OF HANDS and ALERO CHARCAMATA near Perito Moreno (Santa Cruz), MARBLE CATHEDRALS in CHILE from Puerto Río Tranquilo town, CHACABUCO VALLEY and PATAGONIA NATIONAL PARK on Chilean side, PUEYRREDÓN and POSADAS LAKES, the SCENIC ROUTE 41 and, finally, LOS ANTIGUOS.

Passengers are accompanied by local tour guides throughout the entire trip, who share life stories that each of these places so far from the rest of the world has, the special features of these places and their natural beauties that have made them be granted “titles and awards” globally recognized.

This tour has been recommended by ALL people who have already done it. We guarantee 100% satisfaction! This tour is unique and exclusive because of the places to be visited.


Period of the year in which the tour applies: from October to April; departures once a month (see departures SCHEDULE on COMPLETE ITINERARY).
Duration: 7 days and 6 nights with accommodation.
Difficulty: Low. Tour done by minibus.
The tour includes: round-trip transport, local tour guide, boat trip, many stops to take photographs, coffee, tea, mate, charges and taxes.
It tour includes: dinners and other meals.
Recommendations: take sunblock, a cap, warm clothes and a bottle of water.
Bear in mind: in this place, there is not signal for cellphones in any part of the trip and during several hours, there are no public restrooms. To know the duration of each day tour, please ask the accompanying tour guide.

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