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Accommodation in Perito Moreno and Los Antiguos

Although our expertise as providers of touristic services relies on transport, tours and tour guides, we know that our passengers need to choose a place where to rest and since tourists do not know each city well, we think it is essential that we offer our help and give our recommendations for tourists to take a good decision according to their preferences regarding the type, quality and price of the accommodation.

Thus, we recommend the following ACCOMMODATIONS and we can make your reservation FREE OF CHARGE if you buy any of our tours.

Accommodation in Perito Moreno

Hotel “Cueva de las Manos”
Hotel “Kelman”
Hotel “El Austral”
Hotel Belgrano
Hotel Americano
Cabañas “Río Fenix”
Cabañas “Teuchen”

Accommodation in Los Antiguos

Hotel “Mora”
Hotel “Antiguos Cerezos”
Hostería “Antigua Patagonia”
Hostal “Lau-Fer”
Hostel “Pesca-Aike”
Hostel “lo de Susana”

Accommodation in Lago Posadas

Hotel “Posada del Posadas”
Hotel “Estancia Posadas”
Hostería “El Suyaí”

Accommodation in Comodoro Rivadavia

Hotel “Comodoro”
Hotel “Austral”:
Hotel “del Mar”:

Accommodation on Route 40

Hostal “La Posta” (ex Hostería Cueva de las Manos)
Hotel “Las Horquetas”

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