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To do in Los Antiguos

In LOS ANTIGUOS, you will be able to enjoy the nature and serenity of the place even better. Its wooded streets, the Buenos Aires Lake surrounding most of the town, its rivers and mountains are enough reasons for deciding to stay in this town for a couple of days and thus, complement the visit to the region.

Tours through farms where you can see the production of berries and craft caramels and liquors as well as lake tours and water activities are very good complements to what this beautiful town offers.

ALL OUR TOURS START IN LOS ANTIGUOS, therefore, what we recommend is that you stay half of your time in Perito Moreno and the other half in Los Antiguos, so you can know the Region completely.

To do the tours to the Cave of Hands, Alero Charcamata and Pinturas River Canyon, it is more convenient for you to stay in Perito Moreno; and to do Route 41, Mount Zeballos, Posadas Lake and Marble Cathedrals tours, it is more convenient for you to stay in Los Antiguos. However, we start our tours from both towns independent of where you are staying. We just make suggestions for you to take your best decision and enjoy your stay.

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