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Transport services and airline tickets

Due to the large distances between our town and most of our touristic attractions, we believe that OUR TRANSPORT SERVICE must be excellent.

Thus, we have perfectly maintained vehicles with ALL transport authorizations to do tours both in our province and in Chile.

Due to the characteristics of the routes, the most convenient vehicles to do the tours are MINIBUSES and pick-up trucks.

For transport, we offer different minibuses with 24, 19 and 15 seats and, in addition, 4x4 pick-up trucks for 4 passengers. With these services, we can attend to the different requests of our tourists regarding the number of passengers and the tours to be done.

In some cases, we offer our transport services in our own vehicles and in other cases, we offer third parties’ vehicles who have worked with us since several years ago and have the vehicles in perfect conditions to offer an excellent service.

Drivers have great experience in driving through these roads, most of which are unpaved and very sinuous and, therefore, can be dangerous if the driver is not familiar with them.

Regular transport services and sale of airline tickets

In addition to offering our private transport services, we can arrange and reserve your BUS tickets from Los Antiguos or Perito Moreno to any of the above-mentioned destinations or to any part of the country through the online sales system “PLATAFORMA 10.” (SEE BUTTON)

We also sale AIRLINE TICKETS to any place of the country and the world.

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